Dance Flooring

Dance Flooring

We have the best flooring solutions for tap dance, ballet, modern, Irish Dancing, ballroom, Street, etc to purchase online with fast UK mainland delivery. We also do home practice mats as well as full professional or home studio flooring. 

With options including performance vinyl (Marley Floor) as well as wood sprung dance floors.  If you are opening a new dance studio, refurbishing an existing dance school, have a touring performance or are choosing a floor for a stage the right type of floor is critical for the success of the area.  

Choose from fully fitted options as well as temporary roll out solutions for events and touring shows our products are designed and manufactured for us by 2 leading European factories and they have unique qualities including sound absorption, slip factors and wearability.  Generically known as “Marley Dance Floor” vinyl flooring provides a fantastic solution. 

Dance studios and rehearsal spaces see many styles of dance being practised or performed, each with  differing techniques and requirements. Many of our floors are suitable for all kinds of dance but we also have more specialised types like Multi Dance which has specific attributes such as high sound absorption, making it ideal for more delicate, lighter dancing types like ballet. We have broken down the types into main categories - ballet, tap, street/hip hop, Multi Purpose, Home Practice Mats and Sprung Floors to help you determine the best option for your space. 

Please see our “Choosing the Right Type of Dance Floor” information page for some detailed help and advice.