Cleaning and Maintenance

The key to a long lasting material is maintenance.  We recommend that a quality door mat is used to remove dust and debris when people enter the building.

Dance floors are notoriously difficult to keep in the "brand new look" and we would not expect to see a studio floor being kept in a brand new condition - it is possible but requires a huge amount of effort!  

Whether it be tap shoes making aluminium residue marks or soft soled shoes such a jazz shoes making black rubber type marks or even ballet shoes leaving white lines this marking is to be expected and will not affect the performance of the floor and most studios look all the better for that slight patina look.

To make sure your floor is kept in the best possible condition we have a few tips to make sure the floor performs as well as the dancers -

  • Keep those tap shoes well maintained - tap shoes with protruding screws or sharp edges are your floors worst enemy!
  • Door mats are your friend - trapping debris before it gets on the dance floor is key, dust and dirt act together with shoes to make a sandpaper like attack on your floor.
  • Sweep and clean - little and easy maintenance is easier to keep on top of
  • Choose the right cleaner - see our Cleaning and Maintenance page for our recommended products
  • Select the right Floor - for example do not tap dance on a ballet floor or a wood floor, always select the right product.

All our materials are easy to maintain and general brushing with a soft brush and mop cleaning with a proprietary vinyl flooring cleaner is the best option for daily type cleaning. For periodic cleaning we have some great products that can be found on our Cleaning and Maintenance page