Fitting and cleaning accessories.

2.50 x 2.00m Tap dance Mat £82.50

Bespoke 2.50 x 2.00m Tap Dance Mat £82.99

black skirting for dance flooring

Black PVC Skirtings £4.99

Contact Spray Adhesive for PVC Skirtings £9.99

dance floor splicing joining tape

Dance Floor Splicing PVC Tape for Seaming and joins £5.99

Black door Matting

Door Matting - Anthracite Black/Grey Colour £15.99

Double Sided Tape for Securing Vinyl Dance Flooring £12.99

Easy Peel Exhibition Flooring Double Sided Tape £9.99

F3 Adhesive

F3 adhesive - 15 litre for door matting and carpets £69.99

Large Sample £8.33

Mini stretch Wrap £2.99

Misc listing - 1m of black dim strip and 1m of aluminium lipped edge £8.00