Tap Dance Flooring

Percussive dance types including tap, Irish Dancing, clog, flamenco, etc require a flooring that is not only hard wearing but also allows for a good sound to be made.  Added to this is a requirement that the floors have an ability to absorb shock from the repetitive movements, therefore reducing impact and risk of injury on joints.  The floor needs to be “slick” but not overly slippery to allow a controlled slide.

Traditionally, tap dance flooring has been a wood sprung floor but this has many downsides including cost and maintenance.  Our vinyl floor solutions are ideally laid over a sprung floor to give the best of both worlds but they can also be laid directly onto most suitably prepared sub-floors including wood and concrete.  If the vinyl floor is not laid onto a sprung floor the impact to the dancer should be considered and mitigated by assessing length of practice time, etc.

Tap dance studio floors are often used as a multi purpose room including other dance style like ballet. The products below are ideal for other uses including aerobic exercise including spin classes, gym workouts as well as floor work such as pilates and yoga.

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Black Grey Reversible dance floor

Duo Reversible Dance Flooring for Ballet, Tap Dancing, Stage & Studio Floors £15.99

wood effect dance flooring

Oak Wood Effect Studio Dance Flooring £21.99