Home Practice Dance Mats

Home Practice Dance Mats

If you are practising ballet, tap dance, Irish Dancing or street dance at home our products are ideal to make your own home studio area with a roll out temporary dance mat.  Whilst all our dance floors are designed with professional use in mind there is no reason why they can not be used at home in a home studio or over any hard surface including ceramic tiles or laminate floor.  The surface underneath the mat needs to be dry, smooth and stable. We do not recommend the use of a practice mat over a carpet or other non stable surface.

Select one of pre sized Practice Mats or pads packages to suit your particular style of dance from the options below. We can make a bespoke size in any of the styles of mats - please email info@danceandstage.co.uk with the size and type of mat required.

These practice mats are designed to roll up and be stored to keep your floor space clear. The mat is delivered rolled on a cardboard tube and we suggest keeping this to re-roll the mat back on after use. Each product is designed to lay flat and will adequately grip to most surfaces but always test for safety before use. If the mat moves at all it can be temporarily secured with a small amount of tape, either by placing some of our easy peel tape under the mat or by putting some dance floor splicing tape over the top of the mat and onto the floor below - both can be found in our accessories page. 

The Home Practice Tap Dance option can be used for all types of percussive dance styles but is also suitable for ballet, street, modern, etc as well. This makes it the ideal pad for multi discipline dance practice.