Ballet Dance Flooring

Ballet dancing requires a floor that has a soft surface with just the right amount of grip.  A surface with the right level of traction is required to minimise the chance of slipping and falling but also not too much grip to cause abrupt stop impacts.   Our ballet dance flooring has a surface which combines these 2 required attributes, therefore aiding a dancer’s performance by absorbing some of the shocks experienced in this form of dance by reducing the impact on joints and lessening the risk of injury due to slips or skids.

The best ballet floors are sprung wood floors such as our market leading Smart Wood that allow dancers to perform leaps and jumps with less strain to their joints.  Our extra thick Multi Dance has inbuilt cushioning and is an incredible 6mm in thickness and has been designed with ballet in mind. 

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Black Grey Reversible dance floor

Duo Reversible Dance Flooring for Ballet, Tap Dancing, Stage & Studio Floors £15.99

black ballet floor

Multi Dance Flooring Ballet Studio Floor £19.99

wood effect dance flooring

Oak Wood Effect Studio Dance Flooring £21.99

Smart Flex sprung wood dance flooring

Smart Flex - Engineered Sprung floor for dance, gyms & fitness studio floors £51.99

wooden sprung dance floor

Smart Wood - Sprung flooring for dance, gyms & fitness studio floors £51.99

Grey dance flooring

Uni Multi General Purpose Dance Floor ideal for Ballet £9.99