Add To Your WishlistSmart Flex - Engineered Sprung Wood floor for dance, gyms & fitness studios - Priced per SqM

Add To Your WishlistSmart Flex - Engineered Sprung Wood floor for dance, gyms & fitness studios - Priced per SqM

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  • Description

    Smart Flex is an ideal sprung wood dance floor for all types of dance including ballet, modern, jazz, etc. It is suitable for tap and other percussive styles when used in conjunction with performance vinyl flooring that can be found in our tap dance floor section. 

    Made for us by one of the leading sports floor manufacturers in Europe this highly engineered sprung wood flooring system is an area elastic sports floor for greater flexibility and comfort. The resilient foam layer gives optimum energy and sound absorption – ideal for a Dance Studio or Home Gym. 

    With an all important 61% shock absorption rating which means not only is it a high quality sprung floor but it will also help protect dancers joints. The lower the absorption rating the less "bouncy" the floor is and the less shock absorption the more prone to injuries and lower limb problems such as tendonitis, shin splints, knee pain and ankle strains. However if the floor is too soft similar issues can be found as there is limited support.  Widely recognised that 59% - 63% is the ideal rating range Smart Flex's 61% is ideal.

    Aimed at the DIY/self install route as it offers easy and short installation time due to the easy to use 5G Click locking technology that ensures a fast and secure installation with a perfect result - no specialist tools are required. Must be installed on an even and self supporting sub-floor or on top of an solid and sound existing floor. It is also easy to extend, pick-up and relocate for re-use. For use over a concrete floor a vapour layer must be used which can be found in our accessories page.

    Delivery - this product comes on a large pallet and needs to be unloaded from the wagon by the customer. Each box weighs approximately 20kg each so can be handled by one person but is bulky as the box is 2.40m in length.

    Priced at a market leading £72.99/sqm plus VAT - please enter total square metres required in box above.

    • Quick and easy installation - Ideal for DIY
    • Greater deformation for flexibility
    • Easy and fast locking 5G click technology
    • No specialist tools required - laid in much the same way as a laminate floor
    • Finished floor height 29mm

    Specification -

    • Overall thickness - 29mm
    • Board size - 215 x 2200mm
    • Solid Wood top layer - 3.5mm
    • Weight - 10.3 kg/sqm
    • Area Elastic A4 to EN14904
    • Shock Absorption to 61%

    Minimum Order - 12sqm

    AVAILABILITY - Very low Stock - please enquire for pre orders of new stock available end August 2024