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Add To Your WishlistVapour Layer for Smart Flex

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    The price is per Sqm.  

    This vapour layer is required for installation of Smart Flex over all concrete floors.   If concrete floor the relative humidity is over 93% a further treatment will be required.  

    Instructions - Unroll the underlay with Silver damp-proof membrane side up. Lay the underlay strips parallel to the laying direction of your.  Lay the first underlay row with a 2 cm flap up against the wall (not including the overlap of the lip & tape). Lay the next row with flap next to the first. Remove the adhesive strip from the first row and stick the foil flap of the second row on top of the adhesive. Make sure the underlay fits together tightly and the foil flap sticks correctly. Keep doing this as the laying of your floor progresses. • Lay the last underlay row with a 2cm flap up against the wall. To join the short sides, please use a waterproof tape - 

    Thickness is 2mm