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    Our thickest dance flooring with an inbuilt foam sprung backing at an amazing 6.00mm overall thickness. Ideally suited as a general purpose dance floor, in particular ballet, but still suitable for modern, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, street dance, etc.  The slightly textured surface gives a subtle feel that has a slight friction feel giving controlled glide both in bare feet and soft shoes.  This surface gives the dancer confidence in movement and is great for pointe work. 

    This performance vinyl floor is made up from a compressed foam with a super thick wear layer of 0.70mm giving it industry leading standards.  The inbuilt foam sprung backing make it a great choice where the budget will not stretch to a fully sprung wooden floor. The glass fibre reinforcement layer gives a high degree of dimension stability that allows it to be rolled out and lay flat almost instantly.

    The characteristics of this dance floor also lead it to being great for use in gyms where aerobic work, yoga, etc is practised.  The cushioned backing gives a firm feel and the easy to clean and anti bacterial treatment make it a great choice.

    Multi Dance can be either permanently installed with hot welded joins to give a seamless finish or it can be used as a temporary roll out solution and the joins can be taped down and easily removed but it is very heavy!  Another option is for the floor to be semi permanently fitted which is a great DIY solution.  Please click here for more information on the various installation options.

    Please see our guide to Choosing the Right Type of Dance Flooring to help you select the best product for you and also see our installation guide

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