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Marley Floor - Performance dance vinyl flooring is the modern day alternative

2nd September 2019

Marley dance floor is generically known as the "brand name" for all types of dance flooring.  They were a flooring manufacturing company that were established in the 1940's and were well known for their hard wearing commercial and domestic products.  They developed a range that was very popular amongst professional dancers and this was widely used in the USA and the UK until the late 1970's or early 1980's in dance schools, theatres, schools, colleges and for temporary dance surfaces virtually anywhere.

Sadly the Marley name in flooring is no longer in use in the UK - the brand was bought by Tarkett who are one of the World's largest producers of flooring.  However there are a number of our suppliers who make high performance specialised vinyl flooring for us that is specifically designed with dance in mind.

However Marley means much the same in flooring terms to the dance community as Hoover means when talking about vacuum cleaners.  The name was so popular and recognised it has stuck to being the go to name. 

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